Financial lease

Finance lease is a form of lease in which the asset remains legally owned only by the lender. With a financial lease, the borrower, the person who uses the good, is the economic owner, which means that they are also responsible for maintenance and any depreciation of the good.

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What is finance lease?

Finance lease is a way to finance a purchase, such as a car.

In this construction, there is an agreement between two players: the lender (the party that advances the purchase amount) and the borrower (the party that borrows the purchase amount).

Ownership at the end of the term?

Yes. The car is legally owned by the borrower once all financial obligations have been met.

Maintenance, repairs and insurance included?

No. The borrower is responsible for maintenance/repair of the car and arranging insurance.

Tax advantages?

Yes. If you purchase a business car via a financial lease, you may use certain deductions.

Finance lease conditions

Every contract comes with rights and obligations. When concluding a lease contract for financial leasing, it is important to pay close attention to the conditions. This not only determines what is necessary about maintenance and economic risk, but also about the collateral. Similar to a mortgage, the vehicle serves as collateral. If you could no longer pay the monthly installment while a large part of the total debt has not yet been paid, the leasing company usually has the right to claim the vehicle.

Frequently asked Questions

We have listed the most frequently asked questions and answers for you. Do you have any questions? Let us know. Our expert advisors are ready for you.

  • What conditions do I have to meet to apply for a financial lease??

    To be able to lease a car, you must be registered in the Trade Register (KvK). The liberal professions are exceptions to this.

  • Especially for starters, Financial lease is the best method to purchase a (company) car. As a starter you already spend a lot of money on all kinds of other things. With Financial lease you have the advantage that you do not have to pay even more large amounts in one go.

  • Financial lease is a godsend for freelancers. It never really works out to make big expenses. With Financial lease you spread your expenses and you know what you pay. This way you keep your finances under control.

  • No, we only serve the business market (B2B).

  • You are the economic owner, the car is in your name, you keep your possible investment deduction and you have fiscal ownership. You can reclaim the VAT of the purchase value directly from the tax authorities. Financial lease is transparent, you know exactly what you are paying for and there are no surprises, such as additional mileage charges. Financial lease is also much more flexible, you can make your own contribution (down payment / trade-in) and this lease form is cheaper in the event of interim surrender or sale. After the lease period you are the full owner.